Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Being a london model, hooligan and snoozer is hard work....

Hamish still thinks he's a little horse, after all these years being a Vizsla...

Three Vizsla statues posing for a Hurtta ad...how to get bye in a recession - product placement in parks etc. Dog collar representatives, please take note, three gorgeous hansomest and most attentive necks and chests available...

Every Vizsla, however innocent in appearance after being caught, harbors a hooligan!! (should've seen Vigo scooting along just a few minutes earlier full speed and crashing it right down the embankment, i stopped her just as she pulled out the matches to set it alight...she definitely learnt that before she came to live in London)

zzzzz (again, at least 45% of the day)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Vigo in London: Week 3 (+ wagg-o-meter)

Went to Hampstead Heath today....Ok Ok...dogs are supposedly colour blind, but are these really green birds up there?

Vigo's first visit to the local food co-op and she is so sweet that Ivy is quite safe holding her (ahem...just a second earlier Vigo managed to kiss Ivy in!!! the mouth, and Ivy was standing up).
...again, we forgot to install a wagg-o-meter (a device counting a tail wag ratio). sadly, Vigo provided her own technology for counting wagging ratio by injuring her tip of the tail which she generously kept on whipping around and staining/marking the entire flat with the traces of her happy nature. I am all for keeping the tails as nature intended, but do understand the pros and cons of the docking of working breeds arguments......(Vigo's wagging tail could be easily made use of to generate substantial amounts of electricity)