Monday, November 9, 2009

Versatile Vizsla: new hunting definitions

Vigo went to Hastings to enter the annual dogfish trials competition. the fishermen were a bit upset because a gallery called Jerwood wants to build a new place where they are and they say that there are so many beautiful old buildings around that could be regenerated so why build a new building? and this is why this Vizsla will vote not Labour but Vizsla for president at the next election.
ok, this is the boring bit. Bring back the dogfish. In normal field trials the dog flushes, points, the food gets shot and then the dog retrieves it. here it is the same....well almost....let me explain...
Vizslas are called versatile as they do all three: point, flush, retrieve. They point differently at feathers than at fur. one is more front leg and the other more back leg, sometimes a combination of both. now, scale [as in fish scale] pointing is really rare and quite difficult and quite advanced, for instance a dog can't point with three legs for scales as it would fall, etc. so what Vizslas do when they scent scale they frown and stand still, their head looking in the direction of scale.
when the fish is retrieved it is brought to the owner. without teeth marks and no damage to the scale, just like with feather and fur.
this must be a nightmare, the scale ghosts or fish souls or whatever...!!!!!....this scale has a face!

a successful retrieve, scale after scale, and there were plenty for supper for everyone.
after a hard days work most dogs would curl up in front of the fire as they have manners and aren't thinking they are human or somethin' [i.e. sleep in the bed like Hamish, or the redgirls].....but ever the good learner she is, and with Hamish being her best friend, Vigo tries a "hamish" and pretends to be invisible, aka "i can't see you so you can't see me"...sneaking under the blanket...