Monday, November 9, 2009

Versatile Vizsla: new hunting definitions

Vigo went to Hastings to enter the annual dogfish trials competition. the fishermen were a bit upset because a gallery called Jerwood wants to build a new place where they are and they say that there are so many beautiful old buildings around that could be regenerated so why build a new building? and this is why this Vizsla will vote not Labour but Vizsla for president at the next election.
ok, this is the boring bit. Bring back the dogfish. In normal field trials the dog flushes, points, the food gets shot and then the dog retrieves it. here it is the same....well almost....let me explain...
Vizslas are called versatile as they do all three: point, flush, retrieve. They point differently at feathers than at fur. one is more front leg and the other more back leg, sometimes a combination of both. now, scale [as in fish scale] pointing is really rare and quite difficult and quite advanced, for instance a dog can't point with three legs for scales as it would fall, etc. so what Vizslas do when they scent scale they frown and stand still, their head looking in the direction of scale.
when the fish is retrieved it is brought to the owner. without teeth marks and no damage to the scale, just like with feather and fur.
this must be a nightmare, the scale ghosts or fish souls or whatever...!!!!!....this scale has a face!

a successful retrieve, scale after scale, and there were plenty for supper for everyone.
after a hard days work most dogs would curl up in front of the fire as they have manners and aren't thinking they are human or somethin' [i.e. sleep in the bed like Hamish, or the redgirls].....but ever the good learner she is, and with Hamish being her best friend, Vigo tries a "hamish" and pretends to be invisible, aka "i can't see you so you can't see me"...sneaking under the blanket...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Vigo super super star [diva]

Vigo went to see some film and music and it took sooooo long to start. so snoozing was an option [of course, has anyone ever seen Vigo NOT snooze?]
finally some action!
hang on a minute, they are great, really, but they could do with a singer...?
Vigo knows many Vizslas 'sing' [or whatever their owners call it], but Vigo claims to be the first singing Vizsla super star diva!!!!
gosh, all that attention meant that the lady even got up from her seat to let the diva rest after her performance [no, Vigo didn't squeeze her out of it, no!]

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vigo - the dog that fell on earth

there was a lion, and the lion fell in love with a lamb. The lion was big and strong and scared the lamb. the lamb was brave and courageous and didn't really grow up with a flock of sheep so didn't think that that a lion may not be able to mend his ways.....
and the sheep was cute and fluffy...[costumes fitted edit out]
and the lion mean and the lion came up with a great idea: lets pretend he is a Vizsla. the sheep followed suit and shaved and became a Vizsla too.
and they fell in love and they were inseperable.
day in and day out
on holiday in st tropez
and even their entourage could not fret their sweet love affair

they were one, not two, in soul....

but then....the sheep that was really a Vizsla who wasn't really a Vizsla...but
a sea monster.....will the lion cope? or will he leave? stay tuned for the next episode...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i am here

Vigo makes sure that all goes to plan, for today is the day when we started installing the public art work 'i am here'. if all goes to plan it'll be finished by the end of the week.
it better be finished as the opening is on sunday....better have a nap then...
but then again, sometimes builders tell you anything to keep you hapy, even that they are boxers, when it is quite clear that this boxer has neither fur nor four legs....
but luckily Hamish rescued Vigo in the end...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Love

Redgirls, note that pink is still in fashion...especially when shivering after falling into the canal.
Vigo got a new kitten. It never worked out with Patch as his owner Max could not part with him after we were lucky when we found August who grew up with two big dogs so was not at all scared of Vigo. Vigo had been heavily phantom pregnant and even lactated, so when August came along last week she adopted him right away.
We think she was quite surprised what motherhood means - constant sharing of food, bed, attention....
not only when she chooses but ALL times...they really are totally adorable together.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hunting and pointing amongst memories young and old ...

This is Trigger, Trigger, yes, that's his name. You may remember him form the canine ballet he used to perform with Radio. But these are other times and ballet is no longer his thing, so he has to be on a lead now, because he started more masculine sports which resulted in him becoming a bit of a hooligan....
this is Patch, our new kitten, well, Patch will be our new kitten for at the moment he is still with Max as our block of flats has a few unwanted residents, rats, and until we are sure that they have moved out again Patch can't move in....the traps are the size of Patch...
Vigo is scanning the environment. We discovered a new part to the marshes today, a stone henge look alike kind a place, hidden behind wild bushes and trees...
in fact, looks like a giant chair to me....maybe its art?
Vigo points at a stick - Helen the clicker gundog trainer taught us to channel Vigo's focus towards all sorts of things, and this is one Vigo mastered right away. She can point at plastic bags, sticks, and socks. Sometimes also at a cat, but not too often.
Where, oh where, is the stick? boat? wot?

Basel, can't you help? when Basel was young, he was Radio's mate, not a herb, but well, you see what he is. now Basel is getting old and a bit slow. But still, he swims much more than Vigo.
Ruby joined us for a visit to the pub. this was a while ago, maybe a year now. just found it on Lasse's phone. Ruby loved it here because the people working there kept giving her treats all evening and she was allowed to sit on the bench...well, she soon fell asleep. and here, at first i wasn't sure who that was, and it turns out that two images exist - one of Hamish ...and one of Vigo, at the same location, not same level tide....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Funny Fanny Farm, bouncing and ticklish ticks

Oh, a weekend in heaven. the townies escaped from the funny farm. flowers and bumble bees and Ross bouncing among the trees. bouncing from branch to branch, blossom to blossom.

Vigo couldn't resist the bouncy atmosphere.
But even in heaven, beneath the grass, there is proof that also paradise has a price. Everyone has got a tick, the fanny farm proved to have many. and Vigo had three.
Removing them was a delicate operation. Hamish offered to help, with his teeth, but his claws were too sharp, and Vigo protested. above, you see her in the recovery ward on the lawn the Somerset sanitarium.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vigo wins best in show - a canine modelling contest

it was some months ago, and well before she came to live with us, and we only just now found out about her secret aspirations in the canine modelling world....better stop eating those liver cakes, Vigo.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday: Vigo is 1 year old!

and what better to celebrate that day than training? (noone say we are placing too much emphasis on education or somethin'...)

setting off in London

in the cotworlds....for us a world away, especially when we drove the wrong direction and nearly were in bristol....???????