Monday, November 11, 2013

Vigo has become a 'street' dog. This is because she recently saw Taskafa, stories of the streets (2013), which is all about street dogs. In her new capacity of course she does shopping as well.
Ok then, can do the shop bla bla, so must play the big part too and go fight for our rights! Pussyriot (dogs in solidarity with the kittens, to show we can, cause, as someone once said: "we fight racism not with racism but with solidarity")....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A bright "star" at the Epping Forest Viz Whizz March 2011

wow. paparazzi already there, we haven't even started. ever since Vigo and Hamish were on the front cover of "quarterly" magazine there is no escaping the increasing demands of super stardom.....
yes yes
now everyone is joining in the photographing of Vizslas....can't be helped, we are doomed for fame!
spot the paparazzi in the background....
and more, Vizslas are just too gorgeous to resist....we soon will be on all sorts of front pages....and famous!

here is a link to some great pictures of the day 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Round 1: Igloo vs August

this is the daily so sweet....BUT (ignore the sound ;-))

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vigo is now officially renamed to: Iglo

noone has thought of the freezing conditions when one only has short red fur....
do they suppose vizslas should wear gloves too? bit impractical...hence due to the impossibility to strike for better and warmer working conditions (where would that lead to) this vizsla has changed her name!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

super models!!!!!! (here we come)

the model was chosen by Jake Walters to suit vigo's and hamish's photoshoot. the purpose was to promote red fur 'au naturelle'...humans of course have to wear clothes so forgive the slightly funny taste but it needed to be so....(btw...the collars cost more than both dogs together, something is not quite fair in terms of value, i mean, how can a collar be worth more than vigo or hamish, the bestest vizslas ever?...wasn't karl marx saying something about that?)

chaos...!!!! ... don't humans know how hard it is to point with one ear while jumping?

here the boots also matched the fur, this was to highlight that leather is one thing but red fur quite something else.....and never ever to be made into shoes or boots or such....imagine vizlsa boots (horrible thought)
spot the third dog :-))))))) a mystery!!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vigo and Hamish on holiday and scientific data....

luckily all the years of saving paid off....several hours later we felt rich again...
Vigo and Hamish traded their car for a bicycle...struggling on who is riding it most, though Hamish is winning (for now)
a few weeks in the past: vigo on holiday at ross and much sweeter can this possibly get?
back to today: hamish on holiday at ours...august (cat) has those robot eyes charlie morph perfected....
our neighbor is three years old, so apparently the same age as dogs mature to (in human terms)...interesting....but lucky for us, vigo will stay that way and we wont have to worry about school and teenage years and all that....and soon Vigo will perfect the skill of how to ride a bicycle, Hamish is already such a champ....

Friday, June 25, 2010

A velcro Vizsla panic during the england match.....

Coco the menace came and will stay for a few months, she rules the roost and Vigo and August find it all a bit confusing, they are really trying hard to become her friend...Coco usually hides under a couch or bed when she stays elsewhere, but not here, so she must know this lot are an easy push over....
then of course, the england match...arent they playing germany soon? better hide then....or the sun tabloid will be drawing us with moustaches again and make some comparisons to some time in the past that charlie chaplin made a film about....this is why we hid along the beaches of the southbank in the middle of london [bet you had no idea that this exists...] and we got a rustic tan...and we got back in time to warm the legs of our editor....just in case he gets a chill. this position had to be negotiated over the last month...originally the attempt was to sit on the lap and have the head on the shoulder, but that kind a worked against his being able to move and use the computer....also the constant licks and stuff were a bit weird he felt. then there was the "no feet on me" phase, and this was tough as Vigo needs her feet to communicate....this though seems a healthy compromise, and it is functional...could put this in a new advertisment campaign to help with the influx of rescue Vizslas maybe? headline: "are you struggling with your heating system? are you suffering from cold leg syndrome? one or two vizslak come cheaper than renovating your house, they are known velcro dogs so you can wear them on you at most times..."

Monday, April 5, 2010

vizslas and unordinary habits amongst perfect humans

is this puppy a vizsla in a jacket? or a man who gave birth to a puppy?
and is that someone kissing that suspected vizsla puppy in a coat? a perfect family? Ross as the perfect human, if one were a Vizsla, [Joergen Seth ought to have looked to the UK not Denmark...]

hamish wonders why the cat stopped licking his ears....which he did for absolute ages, until i took the camera, and well, we all know how the observer changes the observed...
a mini whiz viz in victoria park [aparently voctoria never made it to the opening of the park, even though it was named after her by the east enders...the east end was less trendy then i gather.....shame on you vic!]this is Kaffee Mathews, my dear friend of many years and a musician...and there i found her, recording the sound of the canal! she records everything unordinary....should do vigo snoring ...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

puppy LOVE

we know the vizsla community will be up in arms but can you imagine how we feel? their first love child, vigo and hamish and their now 3 month old little sandy...but...our breeders told us that these were pure bread vizslas .... i think the white spot in her chest is too big to make it into the show ring.... will she loose points because of the black muzzle too? should we be outraged???? after all, its not like john lewis where you can take them back...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Versatile Vizsla: new hunting definitions

Vigo went to Hastings to enter the annual dogfish trials competition. the fishermen were a bit upset because a gallery called Jerwood wants to build a new place where they are and they say that there are so many beautiful old buildings around that could be regenerated so why build a new building? and this is why this Vizsla will vote not Labour but Vizsla for president at the next election.
ok, this is the boring bit. Bring back the dogfish. In normal field trials the dog flushes, points, the food gets shot and then the dog retrieves it. here it is the same....well almost....let me explain...
Vizslas are called versatile as they do all three: point, flush, retrieve. They point differently at feathers than at fur. one is more front leg and the other more back leg, sometimes a combination of both. now, scale [as in fish scale] pointing is really rare and quite difficult and quite advanced, for instance a dog can't point with three legs for scales as it would fall, etc. so what Vizslas do when they scent scale they frown and stand still, their head looking in the direction of scale.
when the fish is retrieved it is brought to the owner. without teeth marks and no damage to the scale, just like with feather and fur.
this must be a nightmare, the scale ghosts or fish souls or whatever...!!!!!....this scale has a face!

a successful retrieve, scale after scale, and there were plenty for supper for everyone.
after a hard days work most dogs would curl up in front of the fire as they have manners and aren't thinking they are human or somethin' [i.e. sleep in the bed like Hamish, or the redgirls].....but ever the good learner she is, and with Hamish being her best friend, Vigo tries a "hamish" and pretends to be invisible, aka "i can't see you so you can't see me"...sneaking under the blanket...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Vigo super super star [diva]

Vigo went to see some film and music and it took sooooo long to start. so snoozing was an option [of course, has anyone ever seen Vigo NOT snooze?]
finally some action!
hang on a minute, they are great, really, but they could do with a singer...?
Vigo knows many Vizslas 'sing' [or whatever their owners call it], but Vigo claims to be the first singing Vizsla super star diva!!!!
gosh, all that attention meant that the lady even got up from her seat to let the diva rest after her performance [no, Vigo didn't squeeze her out of it, no!]

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vigo - the dog that fell on earth

there was a lion, and the lion fell in love with a lamb. The lion was big and strong and scared the lamb. the lamb was brave and courageous and didn't really grow up with a flock of sheep so didn't think that that a lion may not be able to mend his ways.....
and the sheep was cute and fluffy...[costumes fitted edit out]
and the lion mean and the lion came up with a great idea: lets pretend he is a Vizsla. the sheep followed suit and shaved and became a Vizsla too.
and they fell in love and they were inseperable.
day in and day out
on holiday in st tropez
and even their entourage could not fret their sweet love affair

they were one, not two, in soul....

but then....the sheep that was really a Vizsla who wasn't really a Vizsla...but
a sea monster.....will the lion cope? or will he leave? stay tuned for the next episode...