Monday, April 5, 2010

vizslas and unordinary habits amongst perfect humans

is this puppy a vizsla in a jacket? or a man who gave birth to a puppy?
and is that someone kissing that suspected vizsla puppy in a coat? a perfect family? Ross as the perfect human, if one were a Vizsla, [Joergen Seth ought to have looked to the UK not Denmark...]

hamish wonders why the cat stopped licking his ears....which he did for absolute ages, until i took the camera, and well, we all know how the observer changes the observed...
a mini whiz viz in victoria park [aparently voctoria never made it to the opening of the park, even though it was named after her by the east enders...the east end was less trendy then i gather.....shame on you vic!]this is Kaffee Mathews, my dear friend of many years and a musician...and there i found her, recording the sound of the canal! she records everything unordinary....should do vigo snoring ...

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