Monday, October 26, 2009

Vigo super super star [diva]

Vigo went to see some film and music and it took sooooo long to start. so snoozing was an option [of course, has anyone ever seen Vigo NOT snooze?]
finally some action!
hang on a minute, they are great, really, but they could do with a singer...?
Vigo knows many Vizslas 'sing' [or whatever their owners call it], but Vigo claims to be the first singing Vizsla super star diva!!!!
gosh, all that attention meant that the lady even got up from her seat to let the diva rest after her performance [no, Vigo didn't squeeze her out of it, no!]


Radar Red Dog said...

Hey Vigo - I can sing too...perhaps we should get together & make our own "sweet" music!!


Vigo Diva said...

hi Radar, let's - then aim for the Guinness book of records and the royal opera house - "tonight the super vizslas that can have red eyes like robots and sing amazingly", "a one off opportunity to see the amazing duo"...endless, famous, and able to support their owners!