Sunday, March 13, 2011

A bright "star" at the Epping Forest Viz Whizz March 2011

wow. paparazzi already there, we haven't even started. ever since Vigo and Hamish were on the front cover of "quarterly" magazine there is no escaping the increasing demands of super stardom.....
yes yes
now everyone is joining in the photographing of Vizslas....can't be helped, we are doomed for fame!
spot the paparazzi in the background....
and more, Vizslas are just too gorgeous to resist....we soon will be on all sorts of front pages....and famous!

here is a link to some great pictures of the day 


Hamish said...

It was a really, really lovely day. I've not seen Hamish so relaxed and playful in a long time. Let's do it again

Zigana said...

Just in case you wanted to know.
Ziggi is back blogging :)
Hope you are well

James said...

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Anonymous said...

yes please James, sorry it took so long....