Tuesday, November 2, 2010

super models!!!!!! (here we come)

the model was chosen by Jake Walters to suit vigo's and hamish's photoshoot. the purpose was to promote red fur 'au naturelle'...humans of course have to wear clothes so forgive the slightly funny taste but it needed to be so....(btw...the collars cost more than both dogs together, something is not quite fair in terms of value, i mean, how can a collar be worth more than vigo or hamish, the bestest vizslas ever?...wasn't karl marx saying something about that?)

chaos...!!!! ... don't humans know how hard it is to point with one ear while jumping?

here the boots also matched the fur, this was to highlight that leather is one thing but red fur quite something else.....and never ever to be made into shoes or boots or such....imagine vizlsa boots (horrible thought)
spot the third dog :-))))))) a mystery!!!!!


Amanda said...

Those are great! beautiful shots :)

Hamish said...

OMG...I am so proud!!!

vigo said...

have you noticed the two hamies?

Radar Red Dog said...

Oh Vigo & Hamish...you're just SO beautiful/handsome & are doing your Mums' & Dads' proud.

vigo said...

at least they redefine what 'working' means.. maybe at the nex working test there will be a photoshoot competition too ;-)