Friday, January 15, 2010

Famous already? (happy to be recognised for doing all these great things for the people and the animals and the bees and the world)


Anonymous said...

Seems like.... not famous yet?!

vigo [who has a street after her name] said...

ha ha, have you got a street named after you? or are you implying that vigo was named after the place upon which the street was named? ;-)

redgirls-in-scotland said...

WE have not got streets named after us!!And especially not in posh W1. So Mz Vigo - we are very impressed. Repectfully yours - the humble redgirls. XXX

Honey Lane EC2V 8BT said...

That's very sweet!
I know a song named 'The red girl'. not street name though.

Anonymous said...

such a nice vizsla

Anonymous said...

Hi,me and my partner have been looking at your blog of both Hamish and Vigo, both dogs looks lovely.

We have a little baby boy vizsla called wiley, we havent got a blog for him yet but if you type lucy887into youtube you can view a couple of videos of him.

We live in east london (Gants Hill to be precise) wiley is now 13 weeks so is out walking, we have come across many dogs but unfortunately no vizslas yet.

I see you have many firends with Vizslas, where do you meet to walk all the vizslas? I also see there is a walk that goes on in Richmond Park, do you know if there are any walks palnned for 2010 they look amazing.

Please email me at

Regards Daniel and Lucy and Wiley